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Company Car Tracking

Tracking Your Company Cars

See how this simple solution could reduce your costs and increase profits


Vehicle Tracking, now known more accurately as Vehicle Telematics, has evolved rapidly over recent years. So has adoptions across a range of fleet types and sises.

It wasn’t that long ago that using clever hardware and smart software was only really of use for businesses running large fleets of HGV vehicles.

As with almost all facets of technology, the pace of change, development and use has accelerated over recent years. We’ve seen these vehicle tracking systems get smarter, more accurate and provide more features.

At the same time, we’ve also seen the technology get smaller and more cost efficient. This has meant that the advantages of this technology have become far more accessible to smaller businesses and those running smaller fleets; in some cases, just one or two vehicles.

Now, as we enter 2018, here at FLEETSense we’re seeing more interest and enquiries from clients for Company Car Tracking.

As you’ll know doubt be aware, there are important rules and regulations that are applied to businesses running company vehicles and these apply equally to company cars, not just vans and trucks.

In addition to the legislation about company vehicles, there are also other obligations and responsibilities that employers need to observe in regards to staff and this includes those driving company cars.

And yes, this would include you, even if you’re the Company Director, driving ‘your own’ company car.

Company Car Tracking – Multiple Reasons Why

Essentially there are three main reasons why you should be tracking your company cars:

Cost Savings and Efficiency –

The costs of running company cars can be significant. It’s not just the leasing costs, or the fuel actually consumed, but also service and maintenance, insurance, etc.

Every mile travelled incurs a cost and wasted journeys, poor route planning and time management can multiply your lost profits. Multiply this by even a small number of company cars, over months, and you’re looking at a huge amount of waste. Quite simply, your money down the drain.

Company Car Tracking isn’t just about saving costs, it’s about getting your people to the right place at the right time. Meaning better time management and higher output.

Drivers’ Safety and Your Responsibilities –

Your legal responsibilities cannot be ignored. In a world that is far more litigious, where employers can more easily be sued, the risks are higher. No matter how large or small your operation is, you need to protect it. That’s why smart business owners, the successful ones, know it’s important to cover the bases.

Financial Management and Accounting –

The last of these three aspects may certainly not considered the least important. It’s incumbent on all business owners/directors/managers to meet the legal requirements of financial record-keeping.

Death and taxes are the two inevitable of life, as we all know. So HMRC is going to expect and demand that you’re keeping up with good record keeping and accurately reporting how your company vehicles are being used, as so being taxed correctly.

Being able to easily extract fact-based evidence and reporting for the use of company vehicles is not only going to save you time and money, it’s also going to prove that you’re taking these responsibilities seriously.


Break-Even and Return On Investment

Finally, there’s one cornerstone that we are able to present that cements the case we’re putting forward here; Return on Investment (ROI).

As a business that specialises in working with clients to save money and improve profits, we start from a position of aiming for positive ROI. Thankfully we have a broad portfolio of multiple clients who have been able to clearly evidence the value of investment in tracking.

Starting with a simple review (an initial telephone conversation can get the ball rolling), we’re able to look at your business and specific use of company vehicles and identify if company vehicle tracking will be a benefit to you. We’re also able to look at a range of options that might be approrpiate to your business; this could include leasing tracking hardware.

Even within a few months you’ll be in a position to identify how adopting this technology is saving you money and driving up efficiency. Depending upon the type of business and application we often see our clients cross the break-even point within just a few months and then go on to rack up monthly savings ongoing.


Simple Next Steps – Making An Informed Decison

As you will hopefully understand by now, we’re not just any other tech reseller. We consider ourselves as specialists (we think we’ve earned that badge) and, most importantly, partners with our clients.

Our job is to give you clear, honest and practical advice, where we can make recommendations, based on solid experience. It’s also about working with you and your business. We often work with clients who want to test out solutions like tracking, perhaps on just a few vehicle first, so they can evidence the benefits before expanding the fleet roll-out.

As a small a dedicated team, we’re offering our time and knowledge to help you find out if company car tracking could be right for you. This start with a conversation. We’re happy to book telephone time, offer an online interactive demonstration, or arrange a site visit to learn more about your set-up and operation, look at your needs and then make sensible recommendations.

So… if the time is right, especially at the start of the new year (and in preparation for the next tax year), we’d relish the challenge of finding out how we can help you.

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*Pricing Quoted – The price quoted of £3.45 per week is based on a combination of hardware leasing over three years, together with monthly airtime contract from TomTom Telematics. This offer is subject to leasing approval and other standard terms and conditions. Correct at time of publication. Prices may have varied. 



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