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Update to WEBFLEET 3.7 – What’s New?


OCTOBER NEWS – The New Update for WEBFLEET 3.7 has arrived. See what’s new

WEBFLEET, the leading fleet management software as a service, sees its latest update to version 3.7 with a host of new features for users to enjoy.

These include the following improvements:

• Asset tracking

• Vehicle finder function

• Configuring multiple vehicles at once

• Customisable OptiDrive thresholds

• Configuring the working days per week for the Dashboard

• Creating addresses and orders from the trace view

• Logbook – 7-day rule support

• Security settings and changing your password

• Contract administration page which can be extracted as an XLS document

Main New Features –

In parallel with the recent launch of the new Asset Tracking solutions and LINK 340 hardware, this most recent WEBFLEET update now allows you to monitor and control your assets, such as trailers, in real time when fitted with this new technology.

Vehicle and assets equipped with the new system can be viewed on maps, showing name, location, status and more. Read more on Asset Tracking

vehicle finder webfleetVehicle Finder is another new feature allowing you to quickly and accurately determine if any of your vehicles have been within a defined location and area at a given time.

This new monitoring feature can help to resolve issues or provide evidence that your vehicles have indeed visited, or been close to a certain location, or in other cases prove that they have not.

Multiple Vehicle Configuration now means that you can copy device configurations from one of your vehicles to multiple others listed within your WEBFLEET Account.

This new feature means you can copy across useful configurations to multiple vehicles, further reducing your fleet management time.

Customisable OptiDrive thresholds mean that if the OptiDrive indicator preset thresholds in the WEBFLEET Dashboard do not meet your business requirements, WEBFLEET offers you the possibility to adjust the thresholds.

For every individual tile in your WEBFLEET Dashboard you can define where the need for improvement ends and where excellence starts to properly reflect the achievements and qualities of your drivers.

See the full list of new features for the latest update to WEBFLEET 3.7

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